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Term 3/4: UPDATE: DUCK!! Well done team, we’ve managed to save up for a DUCK! Not only are they super cute, they allow families to sell or eat the eggs and are very easy to look after! Fabulous work 5NR! Check out the photo and information below!

Ducks provide families in Bangladesh with eggs that they can eat and sell at the market. These eggs can also turn into more ducks which, in turn, produce more eggs! Many of the people who receive a duck from Oxfam Australia use the money they earn to pay for their education, or invest in their business, helping them to break the cycle of poverty.

“Ducks lay eggs, which I eat and sell at the market … My husband goes to the market to sell them, but I keep the money from the sales. I invest the money in my shop, and I also buy duck food. We have also improved our nutrition, as before we could only eat dry fish, now instead we have fresh fish too, and meat sometimes, as well as eggs.” — Sharmin Akhter, Boron Pur village, Bangladesh


Term 2: UPDATE: We have saved up our tickets and bought a ceramic water filter through Action Against Hunger! Great job 5NR, you have helped a family to have access to clean, safe, drinking water.



Term 1: UPDATE: Towards the end of Term 1 we collected enough tickets to BUY A GOAT! Well done 5NR, we have made a significant contribution to a community less fortunate than ours.GF 1

We have also made our Term 2/Term 3 focus buying a duck through Oxfam and buying a water filter through Action Against Hunger. Check out the sites to find out more!

GF 2

Thanks again to JTR for illustrating these!


Hi Team!

This page is all about looking beyond ourselves. We will be adding areas of focus, investigation and learning that take us outside our classroom and into our global community. We have taken inspiration from Nelson Mandela, and his demonstrated beliefs in helping the world beyond ourselves.

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We have spent several class meetings researching and deliberating how we can make a difference. Currently we are supporting two charity projects with our classroom rewards system:

1. We’re working towards buying a goat through Oxfam to donate to a community in Mozambique.

Fact: goats make people smile. And not just when a person unwraps their gift. Goats also make people living in poverty smile. When a goat is presented to a person living in Mozambique, they know that it can breed to create more goats, provide milk for the family and can even be sold to pay for school fees or tools. Plenty to smile about.

Taken from the Oxfam website. Click HERE to find out more.

2. We’re also hoping to buy a drinking tap for a school in Cambodia.

 A water tap may not seem like an obvious gift for friends or loved ones, but this water tap is very different. This tap helps prevent disease and increases attendance at school. That’s because it comes with clean water and will be given to a school in Cambodia.

Taken from the Oxfam website. Click HERE to find out

We hope that these contributions make a difference – and teach us about events and issues in our global community. Thanks to JTR for his fabulous illustrations!

Don’t forget to check out “Free Rice” and play a little while – this site allows you to donate while you learn – it’s a winner!

Mrs Robson


  1. Hello world,
    Thank you Mrs Robson for helping me find the Free Rice website I am really enjoying playing it because as you said you donate rice to people who don’t have food and you learn at the same time!
    I hope you enjoyed my post!

  2. Hi 5NR,
    I am looking forward to exploring more about Mr Mandela. I think that this statement means that education is really good. The reason why I think this is because the statement said “education is a powerful weapon”, and also that it says MOST!!! Thank you for reading! Have you ever helped the world- maybe only a little bit ???
    From SS-T

  3. Dear 5NR,
    I am looking forward to the end of the term and the holidays.
    Nelson Mandela inspires me because he fought against South African racism. The reason he inspires me is because he was willing to fight against racism even though he knew the penalty was life in jail or even death. For example, he got arrested and was put in jail for 27 years but he didn’t care. He started a university in prison and received a Bachelor of Laws behind bars. Thanks for reading and I hope he inspires you too!
    From LL

  4. Hello world,
    I was really interested the book I just read, ‘The Nelson Mandela Story ‘ and I think that he has an extremely inspiring role model that everybody should look up to.
    In my opinion Nelson Mandela is a humble and hardworking who never gave up on giving black people an opportunity to have the freedom and respect they deserve. He went to jail for 27 YEARS and never gave up on what he believed in! He was offered a deal from the current president while he was in jail and it was that if Mandela stopped trying to give black people a chance and he gave in to the government: then he would be freed from jail. Nelson Mandela declined this offer and was willing to DIE in his cold cruel cell in order to achieve his goal. Even when he was president, he did not try to get revenge on the former government, he compromised with them and changed the system to a fair and equal one.
    Thanks for reading my post!
    From ED

  5. Dear fellow bloggers,
    I’m looking forward to the end of the term.
    I believe that Nelson Mandela is inspirational because of his dedication to fighting for the rights of black people. The reason he inspires me is because he was willing to give his life for the black people and put in jail for life. Thanks for reading and I think he’ll inspire you too!
    From DW

  6. Dear fellow bloggers,
    It looks like you’ve really been enjoying putting comments on our blog.
    I think that Nelson Mandela inspires me because he wanted to help the black people because mostly the white people had a better life. Plus, he spent 27 years of his life in jail just because he wanted to help the black people and white people to have a good life. He had a lot of determination. When he came out of jail, he still went into politics instead of retiring.
    Thank you for reading my comment.
    From CW

  7. Dear world,
    I just read a book about Nelson Mandela and it was really interesting.
    We had been asked the following question ‘how does Nelson Mandela inspire you?’ Well Nelson Mandela inspires me in a lot of ways, but the way he inspires me most is how he had the guts to stand up to the white people and tell them what was unfair and how they didn’t treat the black people as fairly as they did with the white. For saying this he was put in jail for 27 years. While he was in jail his mum and his eldest son died but he couldn’t go to any of the funerals. The fact that Nelson Mandela had become president is another way he inspires me.
    How does Nelson Mandela inspire you? Thanks for reading my post.
    From EV

  8. Dear fellow bloggers,
    I am really looking forward to the holidays because we can all relax.
    I think that Nelson Mandela is a great person because even though he was in jail he still did all he could to help the people around him. He inspires me because he made his own education program while in jail and said lots of famous sentences. Mandela was working really hard and finally stopped apartheid and became the president. I hope you enjoyed my post.
    From DC

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