Science Night

Hi team!
This term our Inquiry topic has been “What’s the Matter?”. This Primary Connections unit allows us to explore solids, liquids and gases and create definitions, classifications and investigations about what we have learnt.
I hope you have had a chance to enjoy some of the experiments we have set up for our Science Night! I have included some links to interactive learning sites and online games for you to explore with your families. If you click on each link it will open in a new tab. Enjoy!
If you get a chance to, you might like to post a quality comment about your experiences at the Science Night!
Have fun!
Mrs Robson


  1. Hi Univerese and beyond,
    It looks like there are a lot of people enjoying science night. I just played the states of matter game. Unfortunately I only got to $500.
    I hoped you guys enjoyed my post, and science night!!!
    FROM RT AND a little bit of help from DR.T

  2. Dear 5NR,
    What a wonderful science night !!! love the polymer trick placing a skewer through the balloon. Luckily it didn’t pop!!! Excellent science, extremely informative!!! Well done Mrs Robson !
    My favourite part was when we saw the big bubbles from the cone.
    Thanks for reading !!! from SST and mum!!

  3. Hello universe!
    This science night has been a successful night. I think that the ‘giant bubble’ experiment was really fun. The reason why I was desperate to come was that I enjoy science. The bottled waves was swishing and swashing like real waves! The ‘water’ was dark blue. It was quite a lot of messiness!
    I hope you have enjoyed my comment.

  4. Dear fellow bloggers,
    I really enjoyed this years science night! Especially the part where we went onto the computers
    and we learnt all about states of matter!
    Hope all of you had a great night!
    From MR

  5. Hello world,
    Thank you for sharing all of your comments on our blog. I really enjoyed all the activities that was on science night. This was an AWESOME night! I liked all the activities. Look forward to see all your comments on our blog! From CW and dad!

  6. Greetings 5nr,
    What an interesting night it has been discovering the wonderful world of matter. My favorite experiment of the evening was the one that where the oil floated on top of the water. This proves that oil is lighter than water.
    Thanks for reading,

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