Procedural Texts

Hi team!
We have been looking at the formats of procedural texts, particularly focussing on rules and guidelines for a game. Together we were able to put together our rules for the game “Elevens”…and it was tough! We have learnt a lot about being clear in our directions, using appropriate adverbs to guide the players and how to structure our writing. Check it out below!

How to play 11s

Then…I gave you a challenge. Each group was given the following list of materials and told to invent a game, and write out the rules for it! Click on the documents below to check out the AMAZING games these groups have invented!
Happy reading – and playing! Mrs Robson
The Best Game By NK, GC and YD
Capture the Flag by DW and MB
Flying Dice JH DC LL
The Catapult Game by KC and HT

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