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This page will be the base for our online philosophical discussions.
We will do some independent discussions as well as some that tie in with our classroom philosophy sessions. Don’t forget to use our Philosophy tools in your posts, and remember you can always refer to our Philosophy board for inspiration!
We will also be responding to comments written by our peers, so remember our Philosophy norms as you approach the conversation! I will be looking for QUALITY COMMENTS, but we should all be EXPERTS on writing those now!
Click on the discussion question link below to respond to our focus question. I look forward to reading all your amazing ideas!
Mrs Robson
Discussion question: What is EDUCATION?


  1. Dear Fellow Bloggers,
    I am excited to share my opinion on what education is.
    I believe that education is being able to learn new things and improve your skills in all subjects. Having a good education means that you might be able to get a good job in the future. Education also means learning different things in subjects like English, maths, science and many others. In my opinion I know that education is incredibly important and is a key part of life.
    Thankyou for reading my comment

  2. Dear world
    I am excited to tell you all what education is.
    I think education is about learning new things at school and at home.
    You need to have a good education so you could get into a good high school and get a good job.
    Education is also got to do with Maths, English, science and many more.
    I believe that many people think education is boring but education is an important part of your life.
    From DT

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