What is Education?

Hi team!

Our first philosophical discussion should get us back in the mindset for school as we begin our last term! Our focus question is:


Remember to use the Philosophy tools in your response and provide examples and reasoning for your thinking.

Mrs Robson


  1. Hello everyone!
    It is great to see you all blog. Education involves studying and listening to teachers. I believe that learning is the leading path to finding a job in the future. Everyone around you goes to educational classes. An example of educational classes is maths. It is a subject and is part of the educational curriculum. My favourite part of education is working with other students. Only people who study become a shining star.
    What do you think education is?

  2. Dear world
    I really enjoyed doing this topic.
    I believe that education is the best tool you have and I know that it will make your money because every job anyone has you have to have a GREAT EDUCATION because you have a chance of getting a good job and not live on the street also that it is used in tough situations and that (for example) some people with no education usually gamble and lose their money because they don’t know how much they might lose. I think that people with education people like more things and are happier in general
    Thanks for reading, YD

    1. Hello World,

      I really enjoyed reading YD’s post on “What is Education?”

      I believe that it was very interesting and well thought out. The reason I say this is because the reasons that he stated that supported his ideas were very good and made a lot of sense.

      Thank you for reading my reply on YD’s post on “What is Education?”

  3. What is education?
    What’s up world?
    I really liked this topic and here are all the reasons.
    I believe that education is a really important in life because it can give you a really could job when you get older and it can be very fun. Another great reason is education is basically what you are going to be doing half of your life so it is one of the most important things in your life. I agree that everyone in the world should be able to have an education. An example of this is how dentists and lawyers get their job it’s a thing I like to call education.
    Later! GC

  4. What is Education?
    Education, one of the important things you will ever have. In the words of Nelson Mandela; Education is the strongest weapon, and I mostly agree too. I believe that if you have no education, you have no future, but anything is possible. You can be the smartest, strongest or happiest person you put your mind to it. My reasons being is that Michael Jordan is the best basketball player in the world, and how did he achieve this? By getting 1000 goals every day for MANY, MANY years. Cristiano Ronaldo is equal 1st best soccer player in the world by practicing, and practicing and practicing his whole life. I believe hat everyone in the world deserves and should have an education.
    Goodbye and happy blogging!

  5. Hello world,
    I am really excited that we have been working together and we have reached an outstanding amount of visitors to our blog.
    What is education?
    I believe that education is what we use to learn and develop our skills, not just academically but physically as well. We can use education to get higher chances of getting what you want in the world, like getting into the program or job you wanted. In my opinion, education is the most important tool to have because without it you wouldn’t be able to do anything wonderful with your life. With education you can do anything that you’ve ever dreamed. Education is the key to life.
    Thanks for reading my post; I hope it was helpful to you.
    Sincerely DC

  6. Hey world,

    I think the question ‘what is education’ is a good topic to think about. As having an Education is needed in the long run.
    I believe that education is having the knowledge of something, such as maths or computers. I also think it is also important to be educated.

    The reason I say this is because, without an education it will be harder for you in the long run. If you do have an education though, it will be much easier for you, for example, you will be much smarter and it will be easier for you to get a great job that earns you a decent amount of money. Everyone likes money!

    Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed reading my post on ‘What is Education?’

  7. Hello world,
    It looks like all of you have been enjoying our blog.
    What is education?
    In my opinion, I believe education is about learning new thing and getting smarter. I think that education is important. The reason I think that is because when you grow up and get a job your boss might fire you because you don’t know what you’re doing because you weren’t educated in your childhood. If you get fired and don’t have a job, you won’t have any money to buy the necessities of life like food and water. Without education, you won’t get anywhere in life and you can’t do anything you have ever wanted to. Education is the most important thing of all.
    Thanks for reading my post and I hope you liked it!
    Sincerely, LL

    1. Dear world,

      I really enjoyed reading LL’s post on ‘What is Education?’

      His reasons were very well thought out because they made a lot of sense and had reasons to support them. I think that he provided a lot of information that was needed. I also thought it was very interesting.

      Thank you for reading my reply on LL’s post on ‘What is Education?’

  8. Hello there,
    I can’t believe that it’s already the fourth term, and we have almost finished the year!
    Today we were asked to answer this question; what is Education? So this is my answer:
    I believe that education is something you need to live it’s basically a part of life. Without education none of us would be here today, for example if there was no education how would people learn to become a doctor because without a doctor everyone would stay sick. Another example is how would people learn to become teachers then we couldn’t learn and my last example is without education how would scientist come up with ways to help people who are sick. So what I’m saying is that education is life and without it no one could live. Thank you for reading my post and I hope you now know what education is.
    Thanks again, EV 🙂

  9. Hello world,
    I am really excited that Term 4 has started!

    What is education?
    I believe that education is learning new things and making our skills such as at Sport or English a lot better. When you go to school the teacher are filling you with education when you’re listening to them in class. When the P.E teachers are teaching you a new sport or technique you are making your sport skills better and being educated. You need education because if you want to get a job you need to be educated. If you aren’t you’ll get fired because all jobs require being smart and to be smart, you need education
    I hope you like my post.
    From D.W

  10. Hello world,
    Today I am excited about answering the question: what is education?
    I believe that education is learning new things to develop your knowledge, so that you can succeed later in life. I think this because we are taught English, maths, science and many more subjects that will become useful while looking for a job when we are older. You spend 13 years at school and possibly more if you are able to go to university, so you spend more than a decade learning new things. In my opinion, it is extremely important to get a good education.
    Thanks for reading my comment,

  11. Greetings universe,
    It is nice to see all of you posting comments on our awesome blog.
    What is education?
    Education, in my opinion, means a student who has a keen interest to learn and expand their knowledge. Without education, we won’t have doctors , lawyers ,computers ,dentists and more. Education plays an important role in our life. Without education, life would be dull and boring. No matter how old you are, you can still learn. Education can be interesting and fun! Sometimes it is boring, but that’s why you can choose what you want to be when you grow up.
    I hope you liked my comment.
    Sincerely, CW.

  12. Greetings fellow bloggers,
    We have gone so far in our discussions for philosophy that I can’t even keep track!
    The question on everyone’s mind is what is education?
    I believe education means learning what you haven’t already. Without education and learning you cannot have a job. With education you can achieve what you want to in the world like: being a layer or a dentist or a doctor. Education gets you somewhere in life!

    I hope you know what education means now!
    Your sincerely RT

  13. Hi World,
    Today I’m answering the question: What is Education?
    For me, Education is about learning new and necessary things that we may need to know in our lives, Education is also about is increasing our knowledge so that we have a larger chance to get a job that you want. Also, if you are well educated in Primary school you have more chance to get into the high school that you want and you will be more focused at school, rather than not paying any attention at all. I think Education is extremely important for the way we grow up and how we think about the world.
    Thanks for reading,

    1. Dear World,

      I really enjoyed reading JH’s post on ‘What is Education?’

      I believe that his post contained lots of great ideas and well thought out reasons.
      The reason I say this is because the reasons that he stated had lots of needed information that I found quite interesting. I think that it was a very well written post and look forward to reading more of JH’s posts in the future.

      Thank you for reading my reply on JH’s post on ‘What is Education?’

  14. Dear 5NR,
    I am looking forward to discussing the topic ‘what is education?’ I believe that education means that students learn and the teachers teach the children to do things like cooperating and learning subjects because with education, you can learn anything, but you have to be taught it. For an example, when you learnt to read, you could barely read, but now you are exceptional at reading. I hope you enjoyed my post about education!

  15. Hello world
    Today I am answering the question: What is Education?
    I think education is about learning new things and learning things necessary in life. I think this everyday were contributing in maths,science.english,art and library we even practice handwriting. But education isn’t just about math and English its also about sport and computer knowledge. Education can even be about singing and dancing because your still learning aren’t you? Yes of course you are! If you are doing something you haven’t done before your still learning no matter what it is. No matter what it is, even if you’re learning you’re size 12, that’s sill education because your learning. Even crazy things like learning that you can type a argument about what is education or learning how to slap yourself really hard it is still education no matter what topic. No matter who you are you can still have an education about anything. It might not be the best education but it is still education. If it is big or small education it is education.
    Hoped you like my post.

  16. Hello world,
    Hi everyone can you believe we are already in term 4!
    Our teacher has given us a question to answer: What is education? Well in my opinion I believe that education is a big part of life because if we did not have any education we would not know many things. Another reason is that education reflects on what you want to be, say that if you wanted to be a dentist you would need to study a lot.
    I hope you enjoyed reading my post!

  17. Hello world,
    I can’t believe it’s already term 4, what a big year it’s been. I believe education means to study and to listen, especially learning. My favourite part of education is that you get to work with other student and you make more friends. An example of education is the subject English – if we didn’t have English we wouldn’t be able to talk, read write and spell. Tell me, WHAT IS EDUCATION?
    I know you enjoyed my post!
    PS education is great

  18. Hey everyone,
    Welcome to a new term, I am very exited about sharing my ideas about this question- WHAT IS EDUCATION?
    I believe education is when you go to school and learn things such as maths, English, science and geography.
    Thankyou for reading my comment about-WHAT IS EDUCATION?
    AZ (=

  19. Dear world,
    I am here (again) to answer a question that was previously put on the blog what is EDUCATION?
    Education is ‘thing’ that our society is MADE from, like if scientists weren’t educated they wouldn’t know what education is in the first place! Education goes back to the Stone Age where cavemen had to find out how to hunt and to survive the cold weather, so they learnt how to, and EDUCATED the others, like a teacher. Education can be more powerful than the muscle, you can have the biggest muscles but if you aren’t educated your useless. I know education CAN be boring but remember; mind is more powerful than flesh.

  20. Hey everyone,
    This year has gone so fast and I can’t believe we are already in term 4!!! Today I am going to be answering – what is education?
    I believe education is concentrating,working with your peers and learning about new things. I think education is important because without it you would not be able to speak In English or maybe even hold a pen!
    Bye for now JTH

  21. Hi world,
    What is education?
    I believe it means something learning something new or building a better understaning of things. Education is very important to us as it will help us with our lives. I have a quote from Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world!”

    Thankyou for reading, Jenna Hemsworth!

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